The All in 1 Tool for Techs, Power Geeks and the Serious Home User
A Complete Collection of over 750 Tech Related Free Programs, not including all the programs
from SysInternals and NirSoft, all accessible from one Menu Launcher Utility. There's even a
feature to update all the programs automatically to ensure every program is the latest version,
all contained on a Flash Drive for travel. Over 270 individual Windows 10 Registry configuration
settings you can change right from within the program. 
Over 7 gigs of programs from a ~ 65 MB download.  Read below for more details.
The GEGeek Tech Toolkit is Now via Donationware 
Donate an amount that is "Reasonable" please and I will send you a download link via email for
the toolkit, with free updates of course. I put a lot of time into this program making sure it has
all the latest tools and utilities and I do value my time. The program is updated frequently because
I too use it at work everyday. I need to make sure I have all the latest and greatest tools and utilities
needed for Troubleshooting, Repairs, Maintenance and Configurations.
You will be notified via a GEGeek Toolkit Newsletter when new releases are available. I'm sure you
will find this toolkit not only very helpful and a big time saver, but educational as well. Thanks

Latest Version:   =  10.14
Date Released:    =  3-12-16
Compressed        =  63 MB
Uncompressed      =  128.MB
Updated Size      =  6.8gig
Ketarin Downloads 543 
Instructions      =  Install Instructions

   Registry Mods   270

Now you can visit the GEGeek Forum

  Toolkit Discussions and More!

Interface Powered by SyMenu
SyMenu is the new interface for the Toolkit and adds so much more power and customization
options to the toolkit. I created the foundation upon which you can add⁄delete⁄customize to
make it totally your own. Or if time doesn't allow, you can simply leave it as and use my
personalized version of the program, which I typically update every month and in turn saves
you even more time. One of the best new features is being able to elevate a program to Run
as Admin, on the fly, which is sometimes required of the programs within the toolkit.

Contributions From Our Users
Thanks to Rob Fremder, for this Time Saving and Detailed "How To".
How to Schedule Your GEGeek Toolkit Updates =  Schedule a Ketarin Update.pdf

Question: Can I Start SyMenu automatically when I plug in my USB?
How to Autorun Anything from your USB drive

Toolkit's Latest Additions⁄Updates⁄Changes - Goto Forum for Additional Info.    
Additions⁄ Changes Working on for Next Release 10.14
Removed "Bat2Exe" converter from System Tools and ketarin
Removed "TClock" from Apps to Install and ketarin
Removed "SG TCP Optimizer Win 7" from Netwoking and ketarin
Removed "SG TCP Optimizer Win 8-10: from Networking and ketarin

Repaired "Snappy Driver Installer" link in ketarin for latest version always
Repaired "Cryptowall Vaccine" link in ketarin
Repaired "IZArc2Go Portable" link in ketarin
Repaired "WinPatrol" Link in ketarin
Repaired "Restore Desktop Icon Layouts" link in ketarin
Repaired "Recuva - Portable" link in ketarin
Repaired "Restore Point Creator" in Backups

Updated "Trinity Rescue Disk" link in Ketarin

Added  Link to "Glary's Driver Backup" utility in Drivers
Added "IOBit Driver Booster" to Drivers and ketarin
Added "Notepad++" to GEGeek\Quick Tools and ketarin
Added "DNS Angel" to networking and ketarin
Added "DNS Jumper" to Networking and ketarin
Added "Crystal Security Portable" to Malware and ketarin
Added "WintoHDD" to System Utilities⁄Emulators
Added "Add God Mode to My Computer Context Menu" Configurations 7-10
Added "Add God Mode to My Computer and Control Panel" Configuration 7-10
Added "Add God Mode" to Desktop Context Menu" Configurations 7-10
Added "Advanced Bat to Exe Converter" to System Utilities and ketarin
Added "SG TCP Optimizer 4" Latest Version - to Networking and ketarin
Added "Win Tricks" to Tweaking and Ketarin
Added "Itunes 32 and 64 bit Install" to Apps to Install and ketarin
Added "itunes Repair Instructions" to Apps to Install
Added "Rebuild Icon Cache.bat" to Repairs⁄Custom Scripts
Added "Cortana Helper Tools" to Windows 10 ⁄ Misc Tools
Added "How to Use Slmgr" GEGeek⁄Handy Sites⁄Misc Ref
Added "WinNetworkTools Portable to Networking and ketarin
Added "USB Disabler Portable" to Security and ketarin
Added "IZArc Install" to System Utilities ⁄ Compression and ketarin
Added "List Partitions 32⁄64" to System Info and ketarin
Added "Chrome Web Links" to GEGeek⁄Handy Sites⁄Chrome-Firefox

Cleaning up⁄Adding descriptions for programs⁄categories.

The above updates are available via an "Update Only" file upon request.
Providing you already have the gegeek toolkit of course.

As of Sat.  Mar-19-2016

Additions⁄ Changes for Release 10.13
Repaired "DNSBench" SyMenu link in Benchmarking to program
Repaired "Image Health" SyMenu link in in Repairs to website url
Repaired "Removable Access Tool" link in ketarin
Repaired "iPerf" ketarin link
Repaired "AV Uninstall Pack" link in Ketarin

Added "PicPick" to System Tools⁄Screen Capture and ketarin
Added "Add Defender Offline Scan to Desktop" to Windows 10⁄Configurations
Added "Hibernate Disabler⁄Enabler" to Windows 10⁄Configurations
Added "File Explorer QAT Reset" to Windows 10⁄Configurations
Added "File Explorer QAT Backup" to Windows 10⁄Configurations
Added "File Explorer Ribbon - Hide" to Windows 10⁄Configurations
Added "File Explorer Ribbon - Show" to Windows 10⁄Configurations
Added "Store App Allow⁄Block Access" to Windows 10⁄Configurations
Added "Enable or Disable Sync Your Settings" to Windows 10⁄Configurations
Added "Edge InPrivate Browsing Enable⁄Disable" to Windows 10⁄Configurations
Added "SlimDrivers" to Drivers and ketarin
Added "Explorer Restart" to Quick Tools and ketarin
Added "Belarc Advisor" to System Information and ketarin
Added "VHD Manager" to System Tools
Added "PortableApps Launcher.paf" to System Utilities⁄USB Tools
Added "Lupo Pen Suite" to System Utilities⁄USB Tools
Added "Glary Quick Maintenance" to Maintenance
Added "Konvertor" to System Tools⁄File Explorers
Added "Show Disk Partitions" to System Information
Added "Codec Tweak Tool" to Diagnostics and ketarin
Added "MediaInfo Lite" to System Info and ketarin
Added "PC Repair Flow Chart Link" to Handy Sites
Added "DriverPack Solution Online" to Drivers and ketarin
Added "Windows 10 Links" to Handy Sites⁄Windows 10

Updated "Restore Point Creator Portable" in Backups
Updated "Restore Point Creator Installer" in Backups
Updated "Filezilla Portable" to ver 3.16 in FTP
Updated "Firefox Portable" ketarin link
Updated "Ketarin" to ver 1.85
Updated "WSCC" to ver
Updated "SyMenu" to ver 5.01.5911
Updated "Snappy Driver Installer" to ver 437 in ketarin

Removed "Screenshot Capture" from  Tools⁄Screen Capture
Removed "Windows Screen Capture" from Tools⁄Screen Capture
Removed "DeadLock" under System Utilities - site unresponsive

GEGeek Toolkit
Most Popular Windows Downloads and Posts of 2014



Now, About the Program....

To launch the GEGeek Tech Toolkit
Double click the program SyMenu.exe in the GEGeek_Toolkit Directory once you've extracted it to the
root of C Drive. You must extract it to the root of the drive for Ketarin updates to work properly.
ex:         C:\GEGeek_ToolKit\SyMenu.exe

Once launched you will see a icon on your desktop and system tray:
Left click desktop icon or right click system tray icon to see the menu.

Windows 10 Configurations

Run Ketarin Update
Once you've uncompressed the toolkit to the C:\GEGeek_Toolkit directory, the first thing you have to do is run the
Ketarin Update program to download all the programs used in the kit. 

When the Ketarin program is first displayed just select the "Update All" button at the bottom and go get some coffee.

Ketarin Program showing all the updates in progress when "Update All" is selected.

When Some Ketarin Updates Fail
Should some updates fail, I would first manually check to see if the link is still valid. Could just be a temporary situation.
Sometimes the site is down for maintenance, the url has changed, major version change, etc, etc.
Sometimes you can just right Click on the failed update and force a download. Shown below...
Either way, I usually spot this, if the error persists, and repair it by the next release.
How to force a download.

Some programs keep updating every time I run Ketarin?
Please note that some programs, are by design, going to update every time you run Ketarin.
The download filename⁄size didn't change, yet the program version # did. To ensure I always have the latest
version of these programs I simply download them again. Just to be sure. There may have been other factors
as well that I have run across for doing this, so don't think this is an issue. This was by design. Which is why I
recommend updating only once per week. No need to update more frequently than that anyway.
Rescue Disks Disabled by Default
These are large downloads and do not need to be updated frequently. Consequently I Disabled
them by default and you need to enable them for the download to be allowed. Here's how.
In Ketarin double click the rescue disk(s) you want to be able to download and enable it.
Then just click OK.

WSCC and NirSoft Utility Suites Included
Also included in the kit are the WSCC and NirSoft Utility Suites. That gives you every possible program you could
ever need between my toolkit and their utilities.
With WSCC you have to run the update option from time to time. I update the main core program for you.

!!NirSoft Antivirus Warnings!! See article here

The Tech Shop Docs
I've included these docs when you are without internet access and need a repair⁄reference procedure
with specific commands outlined.
Working Remote
When working in the field, as many a time we are called to do, it's nice to have access to your notes, or
favorite websites. I've included an Admin section for the field tech to remotely access critical info.
Tell me how I can make this tool better!!!
Comments⁄Suggestions are always welcomed.

Typical Issues I've Seen Reported with the Toolkit
Please Follow This Setup Procedure to Avoid Any Issues.
Microsoft .NET Framework required!
1. After downloading the {GEGeek_Toolkit}.zip file, you need to unzip it to the  Root of C: Drive.
    It has to be off the root of the drive  ex: C:\GEGeek_Toolkit\  otherwise it will NOT work correctly.
2. Manually launch "SyMenu.exe" from within the "C:\GEGeek_Toolkit\"  directory.
    Create a shortcut on your desktop to the SyMenu.exe program and optionally label it GEGeek Toolkit.
3. An icon labeled Sy will then appear on your desktop and system tray. Options for this in SyMenu.
4. Either Left click desktop icon or Right click system tray icon for Menu.
5. Scroll down and hover the mouse over the "GEGeek ver # " menu item and click "Run Ketarin Update".
6. Now from Within the Ketarin Program click "Update All". Go get coffee.  20-25 min @ 40Mbps on my PC.  
7. When finished - Close Ketarin and the GEGeek Toolkit. Then Relaunch Toolkit and Test. Precautionary.
    Note: Should some programs fail to download you can manually force a download. Read this full page for info.
8. Optional - Close Toolkit and Copy the entire GEGeek_Toolkit Directory to Root of your Flash Drive.
9. Run the Ketarin Update Once Per Week, as some programs will always be updated.
10. If problems ⁄ issues persist please shut down ALL Security Programs and try the whole process again.
    Especially Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit :  will block certain websites from downloading in Ketarin.

    Note For Updates There is a running update file available upon request of all the latest changes.
               Monitor the website for any changes,
    Note:  Most questions are answered here on this page (Toolkit Page) if you just read the entire page.
               Please read all the instructions here first before reaching to out me for any Q&A
               It's just that I get so many of the same questions and I answered them all here, with pictures ;)
    Note: Please save your downloads as the link will change often. Every host has bandwidth
               limitations and you are sometimes asked to pay more when these are exceeded. If you
               need to download the toolkit again and the link is dead, there will be a 24 hr waiting
               period before the new link is sent to you. So please save your downloads and help out.
               Sorry for inconvenience but the kit is being downloaded many times for distribution by some.
1> Corrupted or missing files when uncompressed:
Using the wrong ver of 7z  (32 or 64 bit)  or a corrupted download.
2> Trouble receiving newsletter updates:
First please check your spam folder. If not there then click the link below for other possible issues.
My subscribers aren't receiving my campaigns - What to check for.
3> Some programs update every time I run Ketarin -
This by design for problem programs to ensure I always get the latest version.
Therefore only update once per week. No need to update more frequently than that anyway.
4> When Some Ketarin Updates Fail:
Should some updates fail, I would first manually check to see if the link is still valid.
Could just be a temporary situation.  Sometimes the site is down for maintenance, the url has
changed, major version change, etc, etc. Sometimes you can just right Click on the failed
update and force a download. Either way, I will eventually spot this and fix it with the next release.
5>  Some downloads fail with the error "Forbidden", as follows:
ex: Disk Speed Test    The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.
This is usually due to Firewall⁄Security issues - mostly I've seen this on domains at work.
6> False Positives from Antivirus
First off don't be alarmed when certain programs contained within the GEGeek Toolkit  give you a virus warning.
These are false positives, as these "tools" they are targeting are just that, tools. Tools that some bad
guys use to compromise systems. That is not the case here. There are tools included here that crack
passwords and reveal product keys, etc,  tools like that are causing the false positives, thinking that some
site has planted them on your drive. I encourage you to thoroughly test these programs, as I have, and
you will be convinced that they are not threats⁄viruses, but only tools.
Might have to turn off your AV and whitelist the entire GEGeek Toolkit directory.
7> Ketarin Apps Updater takes a long time loading
Close the updater or wait it out, then shut down your virus scanner.
I have seen MSSE really bring the program to its knees.
Download links change frequently for various reasons. I try my best to stay on top
of these changes. If a Ketarin link is broken you have two choices:
Wait for the next release or modify the Ketarin download link yourselves. All open
software is used. Also I have no control over the speed of the down loads from
various sites. Throttling, I am sure, is in place to prevent hackers ⁄ abusers from
overwhelming ⁄ trashing sites. Please do not abuse these sites by repeatedly
downloading updates. It's getting increasingly difficult to download software via
Ketarin due to this escalating issue

All 3rd-party tools you might download using GEGeek's Tech Toolkit belong to their respective owners and authors,
and are bound by their respective licenses. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to determine if you have the rights to use
these 3rd-party tools in whatever environment you decide to use this software in.
By running the GEGeek Toolkit you accept COMPLETE responsibility for ANYTHING that happens. This tool has ZERO
WARRANTY for any purpose. Run it AT YOUR OWN RISK. Always make backups first before running ANY repair
tool ⁄ program included therein. The menu program platform is open source and should remain so, it belongs to
the developer with all implied rights and is not to be altered or reversed engineered in any way.
Once I send you the link and you download the program there are no refunds of donations, providing of course
the programs works as intended. This is just a disclaimer for those few individuals who always try and run scams.
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