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Added AutoUpdater.NET.dll to the toolkit - This is in conjunction with the toolkit and a new update being released which will coincide with a new Hub for the toolkit.

Added Windows 10 List of Shortcuts & Group Policy Editor

Added Google Home Commands

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The All in 1 Tool for the Traveling Techs, Power Geeks and the Serious Home User A Complete Collection of over 1000 Tech Related Programs, not including all the programs from SysInternals and NirSoft as well (~280), all accessible from one Menu Launcher Utility. There's even a feature to update all the programs automatically to ensure every program is the latest version, all contained on a Flash Drive for travel. There's over 500 individual Windows 10 Registry configuration settings you can change right from within the program. You can elevate the program to Admin on the fly when the situation calls for it. Over 500 web links and helpful documents for various Tech Related repairs. I do all the research so you don't have to, making sure all the latest and greatest tools available are included.  
GEGeekTechToolKit + Lifetime Updates = $20USD

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Essentials for Windows 10
How to Refresh Win 10
How to Reset Win 10
How to Reinstall Win 10
How to Restore Win 10
How to Upgrade Win 10
How to Download Win 10
How to Clean Install Win 10
How to Dual Boot Win 10
How to Advanced Startup
How to Fix Corrupted Registry
3 Ways to Access Boot Options
How To Clean Boot
How to Create System Image
How to Start in Safemode
How to Add Safemode to Boot
4 Ways to Boot to Safemode
How to Boot to UEFI Settings
How to Run SFC in Win 10
How to Restore Default Services
MS Acct vs Local Acct
How to Change MS Acct Name
How to Delete MS Acct
8 Ways to Open Control Panel
Add Any Program to Startup
Ensure System Restore in On
Turn On⁄Off Fast Startup
Completely Remove OneDrive
Turn on God Mode for Win10
How to Create a Recovery Drive
Customize Default User Profile
Windows Repair Program
Windows Repair Toolbox
MS Fix it Solution Center
Windows 10 Tweaks
Simple System Tweaker
WinAero Tweaker Program
Ultimate Tweaker 4 - Win10
How to Optimize Performance
100 Windows 10 Tips⁄Tricks

Quick Reference

Log Files Analyzed
Bootup FlowCharts
Repair Flowcharts
Network FlowChart
MSDN Registry Reference
MSDN Services Reference
BIOS Beep Codes
LCD Monitor Tests
LCD Calibrations
Power Supply Connections
Power Supply Reference
Power Supply Calculator 1
Power Supply Calculator 2
Power Supply Calculator 3
UPS Battery Calculator
Video Connectors - Wiki
Visual RAID Demo
ASCII Table⁄Description
Alt Codes 1 Alt Codes 2
DVD Formats Explained
File Ext Info for Any File
List of Ethernet standards
TCP⁄IP Network Commands
TCP⁄IP Port Numbers - Wiki
Types Internet Connections
IEEE 802 Wireless Stds
Data Rates of Backbones
7zip Cmd Line Reference
BgInfo Reference
FTP Cmd Line Reference
Telnet Cmd Line Reference
Putty Cmd Line Reference
WGet Cmd Line Reference
RoboCopy Reference
Ketarin Reference
Windows Short Cut Ref
Smileys⁄Text Emoticons
Chat Abbreviations
Windows 10 Support
Windows 10 Central
Windows 10 Support
Windows 10 Top Solutions
Windows 10 Blog
Windows 10 How To
Windows 10 and Privacy
Windows 10 Update History
Windows 10 Activation
Windows 10 Editions

Win10 Shortcuts⁄Lists⁄Cmds
Windows 10 Shell Cmds
CLSID Key (GUID) Shortcuts
Environment Variables
Shell Folder Reference
Win 10 Settings Applets
10 Ways Open Cmd Prompt
Elevated Cmd Prompt

Microsoft Support
MS Office Support
Microsoft Downloads
Microsoft Search
Microsoft Hardware
Microsoft Security
Microsoft SiteMap
MS Edge Browser
MS Surface Support

MS Error Code Lists
MS Event Tracker KB
MS System Errors
MS System Error Codes
BSOD Error Messages
About: System Codes

Tech Shop Docs
101 Admin Tools.pdf
41 Essential Skills for Techs
21 Admin Tools Explained.pdf
Basic Security Measures.pdf
Boot Failure Flowchart.pdf
Common Ports.pdf
General PC Tips.pdf
Group Policy - Beginners.pdf
Data Backup.pdf
General PC Tips.pdf
Image Backup.pdf
Microsoft Security Tools.pdf
Monthly Image Bkup.pdf
Nuke & Pave Checklist.pdf
PC Troubleshooting Tips.pdf
Techs Quick Ref Guide.pdf
Win Folders Quick Ref.pdf
Win10 Introduction.pdf
Win10 Upgrade Step by Step
Win10 Guide to Features.pdf
Win10 Tips and Tricks.pdf
Win10 Troubleshooting

Advanced System Tweaker
Customizer God
Simple System Tweaker
Winaero Tweaker
Windows 10 - Tweaker 4
Windows 8 - Tweaker 3
Windows 7 - Tweaker 2

FixWin for Windows 10
FixWin for Windows 8
FixWin for Windows 7
Windows Repair Toolbox
Tweaking's.- Windows Repair
Tweaking's - Tech Toolbox
PowerShell Reference

MS DOS Reference
MS DOS Reference
Command Prompt Shortcuts 

Batch File Reference
Batch File Reference
Windows Command Line

Start Up Reference
BIOS⁄MBR Boot Process
Windows Boot Process
Boot Process ⁄ BCDEdit
Boot Up for Windows
MultiBoot Process
Win 8 Boot Process
BSOD Error Messages
Startup Programs dB
Troubleshooting Startup
Visual BCD Editor 7-10
MBR Corrupted BcdEdit
MS Article UEFI Firmware

You're Infected?
10 Steps to Take
Virus Removal Guide.pdf
Complete Removal Guide
Tron Script Tron Help

Malware Reference
System File Lookup dB
Process⁄File dB
Startup Programs dB
AntiMalware Tips.pdf
Remove Junkware.pdf
Removing Malware.pdf
Malware Articles
Malware Videos
Post Virus Repair
Prevention Articles
Malwarebytes Prevention
Virus Removal Guides
Educational Techniques

Run Programs Online
Run Autoruns
Run Process Explorer
Sysinternals Live Tools
NirSoft Utilities Panel

Profile Repair⁄Recovery
Reprofiler Profile Relocator
Repairing Profiles Articles
Repair Corrupted Profile
Fix a Corrupted User Profile
Repair Profile in Windows 10

Registry Backup⁄Recovery
Restore Point Creator
Windows 10 Rollback
Tweaking's RegBackup

Browser⁄Internet Repairs
Reinstall MS IE
Reinstall MS Edge
Google Cleanup Tool
Firefox Repair
Optimize Your Browser
TCP Optimizer 4
Browser Repair Tool
Connectivity Fixer

Cisco Router Cmd Ref
Linksys Router Support
Netgear Router Support
DLink Router Support
Router Options
Router Passwords
LAN Troubleshooting

Security Checklist
Security Updates ISO

Information Sources
My RSS Feeds
Reddit SysAdmin
Podnutz PC Repair

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