GeGeekTechToolKit – The All in 1 Tool for the Traveling Techs, Power Geeks and the Serious Home User
A Complete Collection of over 1000 Tech Related Programs, not including all the programs from SysInternals and NirSoft as well (~280), all accessible from one Menu Launcher Utility. There’s even a feature to update all the programs automatically to ensure every program is the latest version, all contained on a Flash Drive for travel. There’s over 500 individual Windows 10 Registry configuration settings you can change right from within the program. You can elevate the program to Admin on the fly when the situation calls for it. Over 500 web links and helpful documents for various Tech Related repairs. I do all the research so you don’t have to, making sure all the latest and greatest tools available are included.

GEGeekTechToolKit + Lifetime Updates = $20USD

Instructions for first time users

Once the donation has successfully been completed, you’ll be added to the mailing list for all future releases of the toolkit.
Please Note: The process for handling the
donation is done through PayPal, this process can take upto 24 hours, this also
includes the time on our end to add you to the mailing list and send the toolkit
to you.

When you receive the link for the toolkit and have successfully downloaded, you’ll be presented with the GeGeek Installer.

In order to install the toolkit please make sure you’ve white listed the toolkit file, some anti-virus applications may warn you that the installer contains a virus. If you’re unsure, simply head on over to the
FaceBook Page
and ask one of the many people about the installer.

Updated: 29th December 2017

  1. White List the Installer
  2. Run the installer
  3. When asked for a location, all you need to do is specify the location of the drive
  4. The patch will create the toolkit folder
  5. Once finished, look on your desktop and you should see an icon of the letter G

Double click this icon and you’ll then see the same icon floating on your desktop, when you left click this icon you’ll see a similar menu appear like the one below


Once this screen is visible, we now need to update the applications, to do this we need to load Ketarin. Proceed to this location with the Red Dot and click on Update Ketarin Applications

This will now load Ketarin.

The next step is to update all the applications.

  1. Select all the applications
  2. Right click and choose the option Update
  3. Sit back and wait for the applications to be downloaded
  4. Once finished, head back to running the icon from the desktop
  5. In the menu click Configuration
  6. In the menu click Advanced
  7. Click Scan for Unlinked
  8. Click Start Scan
  9. This is the part that will show what files downloaded and what hasn’t
  10. There is an option to export the list, do so and export to the desktop
  11. Have a look at the first application that says it didn’t download in the text file
  12. Head back to Ketarin, Control + F to search
  13. Enter the name of the application
  14. Look at the category
  15. Now go to the folder where the application downloaded which is located in the toolkit directory inside of the ProgramFiles directory
  16. Locate the category
  17. Next locate the name of the application folder
  18. This is the part where we check if the application actually did download
  19. If the folder is empty, head back to Ketarin
  20. Right click the file name and choose Force Update, once downloaded, Symenu will now have that file linked.

If you’ve any questions, please join the forum

When Some Ketarin Updates Fail
Should some updates fail, I would first manually check to see if the link is still valid. Please remember that files do change and update all the time, filesize, date etc

Some programs keep updating every time I run Ketarin?

Please note that some programs, are by design, going to update every time you run Ketarin.
The download filename⁄size didn’t change, yet the program version # did. To ensure I always have the latest version of these programs I simply download them again. Just to be sure. There may have been other factors as well that I have run across for doing this, so don’t think this is an issue. This was by design. Which is why I recommend updating only once per week. No need to update more frequently than that anyway.

Rescue Disks These have now been removed from the toolkit and now reside on the main website.WSCC and NirSoft Utility Suites Included
Also included in the kit are the WSCC which contains both NirSoft and Sysinternals Utility Suites. That gives you every possible program you could ever need between my toolkit and their utilities. With WSCC you have to run the update option from time to time. I update the main core program for you.  The Tech Shop Docs
I’ve included these docs when you are without internet access and need a repair⁄reference procedure with specific commands outlined.
Working Remote
When working in the field, as many a time we are called to do, it’s nice to have access to your notes, or favorite websites. I’ve included an Admin section for the field tech to remotely access critical info.
Updated November 2017

Please follow the instructions below when using the toolkit ⁄ obtaining the toolkit from a misplaced or lost toolkit.

Microsoft .NET Framework required for SyMenu!

1. Make sure that you’ve backed up your current version in the event of an error, critical crash or some other issue. Make backups of the toolkit installer.

2. Download the main InstallerEvery Email contains the Download link, the link sometimes wont say download, this is to make sure that you’ve red the email and understand the steps you need to take before just diving in.

3. Follow the instructions as described above to install the toolkit

4. When all the applications have finished – Close Ketarin and the GEGeek Toolkit. Then Relaunch the Toolkit and Test. Precautionary. Note: Should some programs fail to download you can manually force a download. You can either select the file manually by holding the control key and choosing the files that have failed, then simply right click and Force Download or click the Status (See Red Mark Below) this will sort the applications which have failed making it easier to select and perform a Force Download.


5. Once you’ve successfully downloaded the toolkit you may optionally copy the entire contents of the toolkit to the root of a USB Drive and once per week run Ketarin to check for an updates.
6. If problems ⁄ issues persist please shut down ALL Security Programs and try the whole process again. There are advanced tech tools included that sometimes trigger Antivirus programs and will interfere with the update. It’s also recommended to White List the entire GEGeek_Toolkit directory.

Note: Most questions are answered on the site’s web page if you just read the entire page. Please read all the instructions here first before reaching me for any Q&A.


If you need to download the toolkit again, either use the current download link in your email or just wait for the next release to be sent to your email. In some cases people often report that they’ve not received any toolkits sent to there email, if you’ve changed your email, I highly recommend reviewing your last toolkit email and scrolling to the bottom of the email and updating your email preferences. It could be something as simple as you changed your email and the old email is still being used. Sending an email to us requesting us to change the email takes a considerable amount of time and the process can take upto 7 days and also incurs a $59.95USD charge. People telling us that there toolkit was corrupted, not once in the last few years have I seen the toolkit get corrupted. If you need to obtain the toolkit follow the steps above, otherwise refer the the charge fee. Thank you.



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